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It demonstrates that there is a higher possibility for a black person to be executed than for a white person. These disadvantages should be the motivation for governments of all countries to make the death penalty illegal. The death penalty is one of the cruelest types of criminal punishment, which is performed with the help of different methods such as hanging, electrocution, and lethal injections. It would be possible to say that the death penalty is an effective method of prevention of abhorrent crimes if the statistics showed that it decreased the number of criminal acts.

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However, there is no evidence of the effectiveness of this type of punishment, and yet there are numerous disadvantages to this process. Goodman, Paul. Sampathkumar, Mythili. Tures, John.

Death Penalty & Anti Death Penalty: Is There Middle Ground?

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The Death Penalty: Pro and Con | Top British Essays

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    On our site, homework help implies more than simply writing a paper from scratch. Your work will be thoroughly checked to contain no plagiarism and accompanied by reference and title pages. Author: Benjamin S. The death penalty—executing criminals, usually murderers—is more controversial than imprisonment because it inflicts a more significant injury, perhaps the most serious injury, and its effects are irreversible.

    Some advocates of the death penalty, or capital punishment , argue that it is justified because murder is so bad that death is the only appropriate response. Others defend capital punishment on the grounds that it has important benefits for society.

    Capital Punishment

    This essay surveys both types of arguments and critical responses. The idea that punishments should be equal in severity to their crimes underlies retributivist defenses of capital punishment. Retributivists argue that execution is justified because it matches the badness or wrongness of murder—i. How is proportionality established? Because being murdered prevents the victim from having any valuable experiences, murderers are punished too lightly if they can enjoy even the limited goods life in prison allows.

    Some argue for a duty to purge exceptionally evil offenders from society by executing them.

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    Execution dissolves that responsibility. Many defend the death penalty not as a response to criminals for their past evil deeds, but by arguing that executing murderers produces better overall social consequences than not doing so. Common sense suggests that the fear of being executed prevents, or deters , potential murderers from killing. For deterrent justifications of capital punishment, the beneficial consequences of executions—innocent lives saved—outweigh the costs to the legal system and the executed person.

    Deterrence is about reducing murder rates overall. Proportionality-based retributivism also faces challenges.

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    Capital punishment is sometimes judged to be disproportionately harsh because murderers suffer from prison time, from knowing their execution date, and from losing their lives, whereas murder victims only lose their lives. Execution must deter murder better than imprisonment for its costs to be justified. But deterrence theories could allow executing the innocent: if executing an innocent person would prevent future murders and authorities could keep her innocence secret, the benefits would plausibly outweigh the costs and deterrence theories would support killing her.

    Death penalty abolitionists raise a number of general objections to capital punishment. Advocates respond that offenders forfeit their right to life by committing murder. And assertions of an absolute right to life have the implausible consequence of prohibiting killing in justified self-defense.

    An Argument in Favor of Capital Punishment

    Dignity arguments against capital punishment focus on whatever basic human capacity e. Actions that violate dignity, like torture, are widely condemned. Abolitionists argue that because execution destroys the capacity for dignity, it violates dignity and is thus immoral. Advocates question whether eliminating the condition of some valuable feature actually offends against that feature: e.

    Capital punishment is often rejected on account of flaws in the legal procedures leading to death sentences. Some reject the death penalty in practice for these procedural reasons, even though they believe it is justified in theory. In the U. There is little consistency in who is sentenced to death and who is sent to prison, and so the death penalty is condemned as being intolerably arbitrary. One pattern in capital sentencing is that those who murder white people are more likely to be sentenced to death than those who murder black people blacks who murder whites are the most likely to face execution.

    Death penalty advocates respond by insisting that what an individual murderer deserves is unaffected by how other murderers are treated. They add that arbitrariness and discrimination are reasons to reform , not abolish, sentencing procedures.