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In more details, Athens needs: a more high quality hotels, b improvements in the public transportation system, c a better connection of the city canter with the coastal front of the city, d redevelopment of the beachfront of the city with the construction of large pedestrian zones, coffee shops, restaurants, etc. Finally, one other key recommendation which were mentioned from the executives of the DMOs was the establishment of University departments such as the Department of Economics and Tourism Administration.

The functioning of these faculties will help in the overall improvement of the quality of tourism in the country as well as in the instilling of a culture of hospitality in the executives of tourism. DMOs are aware of their strategic role and have established strong and long term relationships with DMOs in foreign countries.

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These partnerships allow the Greek DMOs to be updated concerning the trends of the global tourism market as well as to enhance the movement of tourists between cooperating countries. In the same length, the collaboration between public and private DMOs in Greece is satisfactory. Nevertheless, the promotion of Athens requires a more concerted effort between the public and the private stakeholders which are involved in the tourism industry.

The benefits will be multiplied for businesses, the state and the society in general. The results of this study were in agreement with the findings of Grzinic and Saftic , Angela and Buhalis More specifically, authors such as Grzinic and Saftic and Angela also underlined the vital role of DMOs in promoting a destination and especially in: ensuring adequate related infrastructure, achieve a coordinated offer between the involved stakeholders, decrease seasonality, provide and promote institutional support of tourist development Grzinic and Saftic, and strengthen the local economy Angela Concurring, Buhalis claims that DMOs for promoting efficiently a tourist destination should promote collaboration between state and public tourism organizations, target new markets, invest in alternative tourism — such as cultural, city break, health and congress tourism and provide sufficient support, not only financial, to local tourism enterprises.

Since the sample of the study was limited, future studies can conduct more personal interviews with executives of other DMOs.

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The sample included only managers who were working in DMOs. Other papers can conduct interviews also with tourists, tourism consultants, and tourism entrepreneurs. The dissertation was based only in Athens.

Future projects can investigate the role of the DMOs in the promotion of other destinations. Other papers can also use quantitative research approaches that will allow the measurement of the discussed issues. Experiential education first immerses learners in an experience and then encourages reflection about the experience to develop new skills, new attitudes, or new ways of thinking.

Experiential learning is also built upon a foundation of interdisciplinary and constructivist learning. How one student chooses to solve a problem will be different from another student, and what one student takes away from an experience will be different from the others. This following part aims at describing the personal thoughts and critical statements that emerged during the composition of this dissertation. The composition of the theoretical framework has thoroughly been developed in connection with the dissertations objective statement. Many scientific articles, relevant literature and previous research on topic have been systematically read and analyzed in order to gain understanding of the research phenomenon.

The chosen theories are related to destination management and contribute to a thorough analysis and deeper understanding of different tourism aspects of Athens.

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The author gained even more understanding by using the theoretical framework when performing interviews with relevant actors. Reflecting on the experiences of this thesis, it is realized that I am reflecting on a journey, my personal journey into the world of destination marketing. Like any journey, some of the most memorable experiences come from side trips that take us out of our comfort zones, changing us forever. Concerning the whole process of the dissertation, it should be noted that in overall was very intriguing and exciting. The interviewees represent different fields of the dissertation's topic, though interconnected within the subject of matter.


The discussions in form of personal meetings allowed to gain insights into the perspectives of the different actors, hence approaching from a different angle. The communication with the interviewees provided certain information that would have definitely been hard go get from merely examining the respective scientific articles and literature, as it is taken from direct experience.

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The theoretical framework as well as the information gained from the interviewees were very informative and useful. To allow for some degree participant-led responses but also compensate for my lack of research experience, I decided on semi-structured interviews. After I had revised my questionnaire and skeletal interview script several times, and conducted a couple of practice runs with friends, I was ready to undertake my interviews.

The interviews generally went more smoothly as I went along. I probably also relaxed a little more with every interview as I gained more experience and got closer to completing the research.

Reflections on writing a research proposal

The most demanding and time-consuming requirement of the access arrangement was that of transcribing all interviews. As I conducted more and more interviews, developed my theoretical structure, and reflected on what I had observed, I became more and more confident in my interpretation of events and behaviors as I understood them.

In interviewing, I usually found no difficulty in getting people to talk. Since all interviews had to be transcribed, the challenge was to keep them short without sacrificing rapport- building conversation. I tried to conduct interviews in an open ended style, to allow the possibility of pursuing areas of inquiry that were significant to the individual.

The coordination of interviews became a much more time- consuming and challenging task. Confidentiality had been a serious issue from the time of negotiating access, particularly in the conduct of interviews. My consciousness of the need for confidentiality grew stronger as I conducted more interviews. It became clear to me that people were taking a risk in talking to me, at least in their view. They needed constant reassurance that what they shared with me would remain confidential. At the same time, I had to acknowledge that I had only stepped into their world for a short time, and only to the extent to which they granted me admittance.

The conclusions of this dissertation is not generalized universally, as one of the aims is to investigate what factors that characterize Athens travel patterns that occur within local DMO context and framework. While reflecting on the experience of writing a thesis, I came to the realization that I truly enjoyed this process, at least most of it.

Write reflections dissertation

From there, many ideas about diabetes came to my mind. Since so many of my family members are dealing with the disease I decided I would be able to gather the most knowledge and discover many resources on the topic. From my background in Human Nutrition, Food, and Exercise I knew enough of the basics of the diabetes to be able to write my research proposal. There are a couple strengths to my research proposal. I was able to narrow down the wide topic of diabetes to the stance that type two diabetes can be reversed through a certain diet and exercise.

Another strength in my paper is my resources. There is currently a lot of research going on about diabetes and many journal articles have been published. Also, since so many of my family members have personally dealt with the diabetes I can get inside knowledge on how it is to live with the disease.

A big weakness in my paper was not really explaining the difference between type one and type two diabetes. They are very different and I only believe one can be reversed, which I did not convey very well. In the future I will give more background knowledge on the disease.