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The Russian Revolution of set in motion unprecedented waves of human migration and permanently altered Russian culture expressions both at home and abroad. My dissertation centers on Russian music and musicians in the United States from the revolutionary period through the early Cold War. Moreover, these musicians functioned not in isolation, but as part of tightly entangled networks, and I examine the impact of these networks for composers like Sergei Rachmaninoff and Igor Stravinsky, as well as for performers like Serge Koussevitzky. Drawing on archival research and reception histories, I approach performance as a cultural contact zone, with particular emphasis on the ways in which Russianness might have been presented or masked.

The Studio di Fonologia Musicale SdF, —83 at Italian state radio and television broadcasting company Radiotelevisione Italiana RAI was founded in the context of national post-war cultural rebuilding efforts, European avant-garde discourses, and a worldwide boom in experimental music research centers.

These centers, associated with universities, industrial manufacturers, and as in the case of the SdF mass media networks, served as sites of creative exchange among international and local networks of artistic and technical collaborators. The SdF hosted numerous composers of not only art music, but also of music for documentaries and dramatic works intended specifically for broadcast on radio and television.

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Existing research on the SdF centers on the art-music outputs of a select group of internationally prestigious Italian composers namely Luciano Berio, Bruno Maderna, and Luigi Nono , offering limited windows into the social life, technological everyday, and collaborative discourse that characterized the institution during its nearly three decades of continuous operation.

This historiographical preference reflects a larger trend within post-war electronic music histories to emphasize the production of a core group of intellectuals—mostly art-music composers—at a few key sites such as Paris, Cologne, and New York. With this dissertation, I supplement and reorient existing histories by suggesting an alternative understanding of the Studio through the lens of everyday operations and presenting a continuous history of the SdF as a space. I emphasize the role of technology at the SdF, considering the equipment and techniques available there as prominent members of a network of human and technological actors whose actions resulted in the creation of electronic and experimental music.

The other members of this network include not only the composers who came to work there, but also employees associated with the Studio including longtime sound engineer Marino Zuccheri and RAI executives, in addition to the performers, playwrights, and directors who worked on a variety of projects. The final, vital part of these networks were Italian radio and television audiences—as well as art-music audiences in the concert hall—who experienced the music produced at the Studio in a variety of public and domestic listening settings. Situating an experimental studio within such a diffuse network positions the SdF as a part of the Italian cultural landscape of the mid-twentieth century and as a space that operated in both avant-garde and mass-media cultural spheres.

The era saw the emergence of competing approaches to the study of natural philosophy as well as new interest in nature-based entertainments such as landscape gardens and exotic animal displays.

Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology Online | Indiana University Libraries

Nature and the appropriate enjoyment of it figured prominently in public discourses on British politics, empire, national identity, and art. This dissertation seeks to demonstrate how theatrical music, and specifically Italian opera, participated in the development of new attitudes towards nature in eighteenth century London.

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Dissertations in Progress

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