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  1. Why I love being a seafarer - Höegh Autoliners
  2. The Hardship of an Anglo-Saxon Life in the Seafarer by Burton Rafael
  3. Academic Essays: The Narrative Voice of “The Seafarer” (December 2013)

Why I love being a seafarer - Höegh Autoliners

I have been on board for 3 months and have at least one more to go before going home to see loved ones again. Some of the crew stay on board for eight — twelve months at a time, sending money home to their families; they often only have one — three months off before heading back to sea. All seafarers have missed the births, deaths, and marriages of loved ones, and their children often grow up with one parent absent for most of the year. It is a hard life, but it is a deeply satisfying and rewarding one.

The Hardship of an Anglo-Saxon Life in the Seafarer by Burton Rafael

There 1. Without seafarers, working hard all over the world, in all weathers, every day of the year the modern economy would collapse. Next time you buy fruit from the grocers, a new car, or some new clothes do not forget that the hard work, professionalism, and commitment of many hundreds of seafarers are what made your purchase possible. If you are a seafarer or involved with seafarers in any way and wish to contribute any articles or stories, please do comment below with your email details..

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Academic Essays: The Narrative Voice of “The Seafarer” (December 2013)

Filipino scholar graduates summa cum laude in EU. Communists mourn death of Nene Pimentel. Brownlee, Ginebra whip Magnolia for record. More aftershocks: Magnitude 4. Iranian beauty queen barred from entering PH.

Cheer performance tackling social, political issues goes viral. Boy, 12, suspended from school for hugging teacher. About 40 percent of the seafarers we see are from the Philippines. If an on-board accident occurs, good medical care may be unavailable for many days, and death sometimes follows. Many of the seafarers visiting SCI in Philadelphia are crewmen whose vessels have come under attack or been captured by pirates. The crew of the M. Irene E. The 22 Filipino crew members had a few brief minutes between the alarm and the highjack.

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The crew were then held hostage for five months until they and their ship were ransomed for two million dollars. Sometimes crews visiting the U. Justice Department considers them to be material witnesses to violations of international law.

Life of a Seafarer / seaman / sailor at Sea: 2 months on board on a General Cargo ship

If they must testify in a court case, such as one about the dumping of oily bilge water into the ocean, they might wait months before working again, often isolated.